Investing with Dalton

Meet Our Investment Team

Apartments are our specialty. Since 1965 we have used our local market knowledge to purchase multi-unit residential real estate consistently producing growth, cash flow, and tax benefits for our investors. Our business plan is to enhance the value of our investments through major improvements and active problem solving, with tight hands-on management. We pride ourselves on finding the best financing opportunities available.

We focus on apartments because we’re convinced there is no better investment. When stabilized, apartments provide predictable income and expense operations.

Our Investment Parameters

The majority of our investments are solid Class B properties in established but growing markets, or in under-valued areas with diversified economies. We believe in providing good, clean, and safe workforce housing. We see long term demand for affordable market rate apartments. We target projects with good visibility and proximity to transit and employment centers, which have management inefficiencies we know how to solve. Through tenacious management and on-going evaluation, we consistently find ways to increase rents and other income. Through capital improvements and demonstrated operational practices, we increase return.

What We Do

Watch your investment grow.

We invest for ourselves, individuals, families, and IRAs. As sponsors, we commit our time, expertise, and relationships, as well as provide all of the startup funds and significant amounts of purchase money to every transaction. For most of our investments we personally guarantee the loan. We pay the up-front costs, taking the financial risk until we’re ready to close. We have our own money in every investment we offer, on the same terms as our investors. Every single investment we sponsor and fund is a partnership or an investor group, but we’re the first in and the last out. We never save the best deals for ourselves or friends. We believe we need to invest in our ventures and bear the majority of the risk.

Once we have purchased an asset, we remain active in all aspects of site management—partnering with the best third party manager in the area. We directly supervise all exterior and interior renovations, and inspect each unit annually. We also maintain active mortgage management and lender due diligence. We constantly evaluate the existing financing and initiate the refinance at no fee when economically justified.

We always consider risk and reward. We know what is at stake – our reputations and the hard earned money of our investors.

Our success is your success.